Monday, July 1, 2013

Saving Preference Variables Permanently - SOA Suite 11G

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I would like to share one very useful information today related to preference variables in SOA 11G. Sometimes,you might have observed that you have changed the value for a preference variable but,after server restart it somehow got revert back to its original value. Weird isn't it !!!

Solution to this problem is very simple.

Step1: Just right click on SOA infrastructure and navigate to Administration --> System MBean Browser.
Step2: Then go to Application Defined MBeans --> oracle.soa.config --> Server: soa_server1 --> SCAComposite --> <your SOA composite> --> SCAComposite.SCAComponent and open up the BPEL Component.

Step3: In the BPEL just make required changes to the value of your preference variables and click Apply.

Step4: After that in the MBean configuration only,navigate to Operations tab and then click on save.

Step5: In the next window that opens up,click on Invoke.

Here you go the values of your preference variables are saved permanently.even after the server restart the new value will still persist.If you guys dont know how to set/get preference variable values you can check my post

Hope this post helped you guys.

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