Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creating Application Server Connection

Hi All,

I am starting this blog to share my knowledge that I have acquired so far working in middleware domain as Oracle SOA developer.In the beginning, I'll be posting some basic step by step tutorials for all the newbies learning to swim in the vast ocean of Oracle SOA.Different topics will be posted such as Oracle SOA Suite,Oracle Service Bus, weblogic servers and so on.Later on more advanced tutorials will be posted to help you guys out.Just hope that I can be of any help to any of you aspiring to do wonders in this field.

First I'll start with creating application server connections.To give you guys a brief overview, whenever we develop a SOA composite in BPEL,we deploy that particular code after compilation to application servers(weblogic in our case) where those applications will be hosted.In order to do that we need to have a connection to that particular application server.

I assume you guys have Oracle SOA Suite, JDeveloper and Weblogic Server installed on your machines.

1. First of all go to Files --> New. Then navigate to connections under categories on left hand side and select application server connection.Click OK.








2. After clicking OK, new window will pop up prompting for app server details.In the opened window specify connection name that you want to give.In our case  its "myAppCon". Click next.

3. In the next window specify username and password to connect to application server.If you have followed instructions provided by oracle while installing weblogic server then in your case username would be "weblogic" and password "welcome1" (if you dint specify ur ouwn password).

4. In the next window provide the weblogic server details such as hostname, port no and domain name and click next.

5. Next window that opens up,click on test connection to test that information specified successfully establishes a connection with application server.Click finish.










Thats it folks.App server connection has been created and we are ready to deploy and test our SOA composites.In the next tutorial I'd be posting the basic BPEL process.Like in all other programming languages we start with Hello World program.Here also, we will begin our venture with Hello World BPEL process.Stay tuned in and also please comment how did u like my first post.If you have any queries feel free to ask,


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