Thursday, May 2, 2013

Renaimg BPEL process in Oracle SOA 11G

Recently there was a requirement in my project, where I had to change the name of BPEL process in our SOA Composite.Since I  have used rename functionality in OSB numerous times.Likewise,in BPEL,I thought it would be also a piece of cake as its just a simple Rename.Unfortunately, it was not that easy and infact it was a bit pain,because Oracle didn't provide much functioanlity to implement this in JDev.One option I used was "Refractor", but it just renamed the BPEL process,as it was supposed to rename BPEL in all its dependencies as well.

After doing some googling, I did find how to rename a BPEL process but the information that I got was not precise and infact was in bit and pieces.Finally, I was able to rename the BPEL process after doing changes in couple of files.Since very less information is available on net regarding this,I tought of sharing my experience and steps I followed to rename a particular BPEL process.Steps that are mentioned here have been implemented in 11G.

Following files need to be changed for renaming a BPEL process:

  • composite.xml
  • .bpel
  • .componenttype (of your BPEL process)
Step1: I will be using my "JMSLab" project for this usecase,which I have created in my tutorial for JMS Adapter.Open up the project and drill down to our BPEl process. "BPELProcess" in our case. I will be renaming this BPEL process to new name as "RenamedBPELProcess".
Step2: Click on your .bpel file and go to Menu --> Refaractor Tab --> Rename.
Step3: Rename file window will open up.Change the name of BPEL process to new name you require ,"RenamedBPELProcess" in our process.
Step4: Now we need to make changes in .bpel file.Double click the "RenamedBPELProces.bpel" under Application Navigator on the left side and go to Source.Three places will be changed as shown in the screenshot: process name,target namespace and prefix namespace.
Step5: After replacing all three occurences your BPEL file will look like this.Also new componenttype file will be created for your renamed BPEL process.
Step6: Now go to the source of composite.xml and under component tag change the BPEL process name.Also, make changes in all the wire tags where BPEL proces is occuring.
Step7: Final step is to copy all the contents to RenamedBPELProcess.componenttype from BPELProcess.componenttype(old file) and after copying delete the old componenttype file for BPEL process.
Step8: Save all.
Step9:  Now verify your changes by building the jpr file.

In this way you can rename any BPEL Process.Though it is very tedious,but worthful as there is no other alternative provided by Oracle.
Hope you Guys liked it.Stay tuned in for my next blog.


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  1. Thanks karan,

    new component type not created for my BPEL change.